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sphynx cat breeder USA

Sphynx Cats For Sale USA

Elf , Bambino and Dwelf kittens Available!

All kittens are seen and given a letter of health by a board certified veterinarian before joining your family!

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Five Star Reviews and Veterinarian Recommended.

We strive to be the best! All of our kittens come from Top Imported lines.  With World Champions, Grand champions, International Champions and/or Champion backgrounds. Personality and health is our top priority but there quality is our gift to you.

What Is Included With Your Kittens?

Sphynx Cats For Sale USA

Coated Sphynx Kittens

These kittens are perfect. They do not have the high maintenance of the breed and they cost less than a regular sphynx. They are very loving and active, just like the sphynx. Available as pet/breeder. As breeders they have the dominant blue eyes to take your program to the top level. For example solid black/blue or any other color with blue eyes. They have dominant blue eyes. 
This gorgeous baby boy is full of cuddles, kisses and playtime. He turns everything into a toy. He also melts in your arms when you hold him. He Carries the hairless gene and the elf ears. 
Price $999 (pet) 
Breeder $5500 (breeder) 

Mink Tabby and White

This gorgeous baby boy will keep his gorgeous blue eyes. He is a complete sweetheart. Comes to you as soon as he sees you. Loves to stay by your side. Very playful and loving.
He is a tabby bi color. Meaning he will have little grey stripes.

Black and White Elf Boy

Gorgeous baby boy with beautiful curly ears. He is not your regular sphynx. He is an Elf. He is already a perfect cuddle bug.


Adult Sphynx

Gorgeous and extreme cuddle bug with beautiful sky blue eyes. She loves to talk, play and cuddle. She is 1 year. 

Solid Black Bambino Girl

She is very active, sweet and playful. She loves to cuddle up on you. She enjoys turning everything into a toy. Loves to roll around by your feet and ask for cuddles. Her eyes will be green/gold.


Sphynx Kittens

We have sphynx, Elf, Bambino and Dwelf kittens that where just  born. Individual pictures and videos will be posted soon. Please contact me to inquire.