Frequently Asked Questions 

New and updated 8.2.20

  • When will my kitten come home? 

All kittens go home after being spayed/neutered and fully recovered.

  • What Food will my Kitten Eat? All kittens eat raw food. I purchase my raw food from "hawkwood". 

  • What cat litter does my kitten need? Any non-clumping cat litter will work. Do not get Clumping cat litter. This is very dangerous and if ingested will cause an obstruction in the intestines which will be lethal.

  • Why does my kitten need to be seen by my vet after receiving a physical from your vet and a letter of health? All kittens receive a fresh physical exam and letter of health or certificate before going home. Kittens still need to be seen by your vet in doing so we will have a agreement that you received a healthy kitten. If this initial vet visit is missed the health guarantee will be void.

  • I have other cats/dogs at home will the kitten be ok? It is extremely important to do a slow introduction. A slow introduction can take 2-4 weeks.

  • Does my kitten need to be kept on raw food? YES all kittens need to be kept on raw food. Please do proper research on raw food. Raw food is the best food.  Genetically speaking cats are not supposed to eat fruits or vegetables. Feeding foods that are not genetically compatible causes health issues. Especially with the sphynx breed that is known for having a sensitive digestive system. All cat/kittens "survive" on kibble/can food but they thrive on raw food. It is the proper food per their genetics. 

  • Do you offer discounts or payment plans? I offer a discount IF two kittens are purchased at the same time. All kittens need to be paid in full before going home.

  • Can I transfer the deposit to another kitten if I like another kitten better? No. I'm fully committed to reserving a specific kitten for your family and I expect the same commitment from you. 

  • Can you hold a kitten after we come home from Vacation? I prefer not to hold kittens after they are ready to go home. If its necessary or an emergency I will hold kittens at your expense. At $50 a week.

  • Can you hold a kitten without a deposit? Absolutely not.

  • Why was my application rejected? Applications can be rejected for different reasons. I have the right to refuse adoption to anyone. Adopting a kitten from Purrxotics is a privilege not a right.

Why are your kittens priced as they are?

Kittens require a lot to ensure that you get a healthy kitten. Most breeders only tests the parents to ensure a healthy kitten I do individual tests on the kittens. Each kitten is seen by the vet for a full physical and a letter of health signed by the vet. Each kitten receives a fecal exam sent to lab. Each kitten is dewormed. Each kitten is microchipped. Each kitten is Spayed/Neutered. Each kitten is vaccinated. Above all each kitten is feed raw food since they 4-5 weeks. All kittens go home with health guarantee and Hcm guarantee. 

If you have any questions for me please call/text me at 760.331.9322 Ana