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Very proud to say that our “hairless kittens” were featured on Whyskas and Apple Commercial.

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All Available Kittens For Sale, Lykoi Kittens For Sale to! If you’re looking for a unique and hairless feline companion, consider adopting a sphynx kitten. These playful and affectionate cats are known for their distinctive appearance and charming personalities. Sphynx cats, a hairless breed, are also highly intelligent and easy to train, making them a great choice for cat lovers and a healthy kitten. Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or a seasoned pet parent, our kittens are sure to bring joy and companionship to your home.

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Our breeding cats undergo annual HCM Sphynx 4 sale and Lykoi kittens 4 salescans administered by board-certified cardiologists to uphold their health standards. Moreover, all kittens are accompanied by a comprehensive health guarantee, which includes an HCM guarantee. As an additional precautionary measure, each kitten is attentively examined by a board-certified veterinarian and issued a signed letter of good health before they leave our care and enter your heart. These cats are generally healthy, but they are at a higher risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common heart disease in cats. Responsible breeders will screen for this genetic condition, but it may not develop in their cats until later in life.

Professional Breeder

Veterinarian Recommended!

15 years of experience in breeding and adoption services!
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Your kitten will be extremely social, confident, playful, and extremely loving and used to kids. With proper socialization, your kitten’s temperament will develop into a well-adjusted and happy cat, comfortable around people and other animals.

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We strive to make the best decision for our customers! All of our kittens come from Top Imported lines with hcm-free backgrounds. With World Champions, Grand Champions, International Champions, and/or Champion backgrounds. Personality and health is our top priority, but their quality is our gift to you! Call 760-331-9322 With any questions you have as we are the Cattery experts and can help you make the best decision for your family.

Price $3000

Rare Color Baby Girl Sphynx - Solid Chocolate

Rare Color Baby Girl Sphynx – Introducing an enchanting baby girl with big eyes and extra wrinkles that are impossible to resist, she’s a complete sweetheart, ready to fill your life with love and joy.

Price $3000

Blue Mink Sphynx kitten

Melón- the adorable Blue mink Boy Sphynx, a gem from PURRXOTICS! His soft blue hue spreads joy in every corner, complemented by his captivating blue eyes that sparkle like the ocean. Melon isn’t just about looks – he’s a playful bundle of energy, ready to fill your home with laughter and cuddles. PURRXOTICS ensures Melon’s smooth transition with vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and neutering.
Price $3000

Black Tortie Sphynx Girl

Introducing Plum, the enchanting black tortie Sphynx girl whose vibrant personality matches her striking appearance! With a playful spirit and a heart full of love, Plum is ready to bring joy and excitement into your home. Whether she’s chasing toys or curling up in your lap for snuggles, Plum’s zest for life is infectious.

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Sphynx Kitty

We have, Elf, Bambino and Dwelf baby’s that were just born, including a new kitten. Individual pictures and videos of our will be posted soon. Please contact me for inquiries our hairlessness cats.
Blue Point Sphynx Sphynx Kitten for sale


We're featured on Whiskas and ApplE!

Very proud to say that our “hairless kittens” were featured on Whiskas and Apple Commercial.


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From Hollywood movie stars to pop singers, everyone who buys kittens from us is happy. Because our kittens are extremely social, confident, playful, and extremely loving, and use to kids. We also share pictures and updates of our kittens on our Facebook page, so you can see how they’re doing in their new homes. Call us today we are the #1 Sphynx Cat For Sale Provider!

Margo C. from California I can't say enough good about my little guy Mr Dudley has been with me now since December… I had a great experience with this breeder... everything went as planned.... Thank you for everything!!​

    Margo C. from California

    I adopted a cream-colored sphynx kitten from Purrxotics. Ana was incredible! She answered all my questions about the adoption process and sent me pictures and videos of the kitten as he grew. She truly loves her kittens - I can tell because our little boy loves human affection. All he wants to do is play and cuddle! I am in love with his personality. When we met with Ana to adopt the kitten, she gave us the medical paperwork documenting his vaccines and a letter from the vet declaring his good health, plus paperwork about his chip and the health insurance. She gave us suggestions on how to introduce him to our older sphynx, how to bathe him, etc. She seemed to really care about the boy. He was clean, curious and good-tempered when we adopted him. I highly recommend Purrxotics! My sphynx kitten is active, healthy and smart. Love him so much! In fact, he's curled up and purring on my lap as I type this review :).

      Natalia S.

      Being a first time sphynx owner is a big leap of faith for anyone, even a normal cat owner. Ana made sure to guide me every step of the way and I couldn't be more thankful that she raised two beautiful kittens I took home 2 weeks ago. She is a knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy breeder that is way ahead of her league. the kittens, although only being 3 months old, were already litter trained and so loving, you know they came from a place of love. It can be very difficult to find a breeder you can trust, and an affordable one at that - Ana is just that. Do not go anywhere else if you're looking for a sphynx cat in California.

        Jeese P.

        This was my first time purchasing a cat (any cat) from a breeder and was pretty nervous about the whole experience. Luckily, Ana was incredibly patient with us and our baby girl (Elvira) is absolutely perfect! She arrived safely and is now jumping about our room, asking for snuggles and gobbling up her food. It is obvious how well she has been taken care of and how loved she was, since she is constantly wanting cuddles and pets from us. Ana was very considerate in answering any questions we had and updating us. We consider ourselves very lucky and are very appreciative of Ana and our new baby girl! Thank you!

          April S.

          I love Purrxotics!!! Ana has the best kittens in the world!! I bought my 1st Sphynx from Purrxotics in September. He is the best boy ever. Affectionate, playful and loves to cuddle under the covers. He comes when called and always has lots of kisses for everyone. I love him so much that I just bought another Sphynx from Ana. She is beautiful and has the same amazing personality as my 1st one. I would not get a cat anywhere else. She loves them so much and it shows. I stay in touch with Ana and send her pictures and updates. She loves her babies so much, and they are lucky to have her!!

            Tracy K.

            I adopted an Elf kitten from Purrxotics in February 2018. My kitty arrived in perfect health. She is curious, outgoing and loves meeting new people. You can tell Ana is an excellent breeder and gives her kittens the best care. I am so happy with my kitty and highly recommend Purrxotics!

              Abby E.

              Purrxotics has gone above and beyond to meet my expectations. The process was simple and easy. Ana communicated with me through the entire process and my baby boy has exceeded my expectations. We told her about our family and she matched us with an amazing sphynx who is perfect for us. He's a complete cuddle bug and so loving. He was fully litter trained and already fixed. Its clear she cares about all of her kittens and he was socialized prior to coming to us. We are thrilled to have him as a part of our family and are even considering a sister for him in the future. I would never go to any other breeder!

                Angela M.

                This experience was AMAZING! Ive now had "Atlas" for 3 months and I could not imagine my life without him! This cattery is out of this world! I was helped the entire time! Shipping, diet and health concerns were all addressed with a text or a phone call. It was so easy at first I thought is was a scam. Needless to say....this is by far the best decision I've ever made.

                  Chad S.

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                  Meagan Good

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                  Purrxotics is an established breeder of Sphynx Kittens in California. We are a small cattery that provides quality, healthy Sphynx kittens to loving homes. All cats are bred for health, temperament, and beauty, and we strive to produce the best Sphynx breed possible!