Ana Gomez

“Our Priority is your kittens personality, our gift to you is there high quality and rare color”


- Ana Gomez








We Deliver World Wide


Sphynx are tested every year for HCM


Please ask me for vet references.



The difference


Your kitten will be extremely social, confident, playful and extremely loving and used to kids. All of our kittens are born in my room and are handled since birth. They enjoy being picked up and cuddled with. They are used to my kids and being picked up by my 2yr old baby girl. They grow being part of our family.  Our priority is your kittens personality our gift to you is there high quality and rare color.



About Me!!




I'm a Stay home mother of two beautiful kids. I really enjoy my beautiful kittens and striving to make better of the breed according to CFA and TICA standards. I love my kittens and my cats but if you were to ask me my passion it would be Bible research. Don't get me wrong I do not mean religion! I love to study the culture, language and the accuracy of the bible. I have always asked "why so many religions over one book?"


In my reaserch I have found that The bible has been translated into more than 300 different languages. Translating one language into another is already hard enough. But translateing figures of speech from one culture into another with the same accuracy is extremly hard. Now having to do this in 300 different translations and cultures. That is impossible. 


So I enjoy going back to the main source and studying the culture, language and how it was first written. So I may get full understanding of what its being said. Other than that I work very hard everyday to keep our cattery clean and sanitized. We do not cage our cats and kitten are a part of our family so I work very hard in keeping everything clean. We love our cats, kittens and sharing our love for the breed with your family.

































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