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My Kittens are my passion and Im happy to say that its clearly seen in my reviews.

Im very passionate about my kittens. All of my children (kittens) are raised part of my family with my kids.
I like to be completely transparent with all of my kitten families and my future ones as well…
All of my kittens are signed off with a full physical by my vet before going home. I always stand behind my kittens and my contract.
This is what families have to say about PURRXOTICS Cattery.

Reviews From Famous Personality

From Hollywood celebrities to famous YouTubers, everyone has successfully adopted kittens from us. If you don’t believe, see some reviews. Hopefully you can understand the quality of our kittens

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  • Angel Valois Avatar
    Angel Valois

    Couldn't ask for a better pet. Ana and Edgar were punctual and extremely friendly. That had all the paperwork and... read more

  • Darlene Carrasquillo Avatar
    Darlene Carrasquillo

    I just got a beautiful and fun little bambino sphynx girl. With all the shady breeders out there, finding Ana... read more

  • SimonaVess Avatar

    I’m very happy with my baby boy. He’s healthy, smart, cuddly, talkative and very active ♥️ The breeder is really... read more

  • Ksenia Khelman Avatar
    Ksenia Khelman

    I recently got my kitten and can say she is absolutely adorable, happy and trusting baby. I love her! Ana... read more

  • Christy Foster Avatar
    Christy Foster

    We received a beautiful little Elf girl just a few days ago. Purrxotics answered any questions I had, sent... read more

  • Reis Birkett Avatar
    Reis Birkett

    I highly recommend Ana and purrxotics! We picked up our little girl from her and she was healthy, friendly, and... read more

  • Shayne Jones Avatar
    Shayne Jones

    I got my precious little girl from Purrxotics Cattery and I am so pleased. They kept me updated with pictures... read more

  • Lorial Sevilla Avatar
    Lorial Sevilla

    10/10 would recommend Ana with PURRXOTICS! She has blessed us with our new baby boy and we couldn’t love him... read more

  • Theresa S (Tessa) Avatar
    Theresa S (Tessa)

    I gave PurrExotics five stars because I had nothing but substantial services from the time I contacted Ana to even... read more

  • Shenee Aguilar Avatar
    Shenee Aguilar

    I recently purchased a calico female. Me and my husband could not be more happy she is the sweetest most... read more

  • MsPepsi220 Avatar

    Had the best experience with purrxotics. I love my sweet boy is the best way to describe the cat I... read more

  • Leticia Esau Avatar
    Leticia Esau

    Let me start off by saying that I am a registered nurse and college professor, so trust and professionalism are... read more

  • Lastina L. Avatar
    Lastina L.
    5 star rating

    It feels so good to connect with the owner. She is so kind and knowledgeable, and truly cares about... read more

  • Margo C. Avatar
    Margo C.
    5 star rating

    I can't say enough good about my little guy!!
    Mr Dudley has been with me now since December..
    I had a...
    read more

  • Nahla R. Avatar
    Nahla R.
    5 star rating

    Absolutely love my kitty that I got from Ana! I am obsessed, his temperament is like something I've never seen... read more

  • Melissa D. Avatar
    Melissa D.
    5 star rating

    I can't say enough about Purrxotics! Ana is great! We got the perfect baby girl (Winnie)from her!!!! Winnie is the... read more

  • David H. Avatar
    David H.
    5 star rating

    I used this breeder to purchase my Persian kitten. All I can say is WOW! I have never had a... read more

  • Sara D. Avatar
    Sara D.
    5 star rating

    My experience with Ana was great. I was originally going to get a sphinx kitten from her, but ended up... read more

  • Delia W. Avatar
    Delia W.
    5 star rating

    Extremely happy with the purchase of my sphynx kitten. Ana was prompt and happy to answer all of my questions.... read more

  • Hallie M. Avatar
    Hallie M.
    5 star rating

    My boyfriend and I adopted a little girl from Ana and we are so happy with her. She is extremely... read more

  • Sarah R. Avatar
    Sarah R.
    5 star rating

    After months and months of researching for a Sphynx cat breeder, I cannot express just how happy we were to... read more

  • Reis B. Avatar
    Reis B.
    5 star rating

    I highly recommend Ana and purrxotics! We picked up our little girl from her and she was healthy, friendly, and... read more

  • Breanna D. Avatar
    Breanna D.
    5 star rating

    I have now the best bloodlines and difficult to find bambino bloodlines that I am now able to pass onto... read more

  • Kristal M. Avatar
    Kristal M.
    5 star rating

    Buying a kitten online can be a little scary. There are always stories out there that you never want to... read more

  • Charlee W. Avatar
    Charlee W.
    5 star rating

    I always wanted a sphynx kitten. I was searching in my area and could never find one. I went online... read more

  • Tracy K. Avatar
    Tracy K.
    5 star rating

    I love Purrxotics!!! Ana has the best kittens in the world!!
    I bought my 1st Sphynx from Purrxotics in September....
    read more

  • April S. Avatar
    April S.
    5 star rating

    This was my first time purchasing a cat (any cat) from a breeder and was pretty nervous about the whole... read more

  • Romeo's M. Avatar
    Romeo's M.
    5 star rating

    We just picked up our baby yesterday she is everything Ana said she would be it was great to meet... read more

  • Romeo's M. Avatar
    Romeo's M.
    5 star rating

    We just picked up our baby yesterday she is everything Ana said she would be it was great to meet... read more

  • Jodi O. Avatar
    Jodi O.
    5 star rating

    My baby Gremlin (sphynx) came from this cattery and he is AMAZING! Ana is very professional and arranges flexible payment... read more

  • Katherine S. Avatar
    Katherine S.
    5 star rating

    My partner and I have only the best things to say about Purrxotics. We absolutely love our baby boy, Andromeda... read more

  • L R. Avatar
    L R.
    5 star rating

    I have gotten 2 persian kittens from Ana. They are both absolutely perfect. Their temperament is great and they adapted... read more

  • Jesse P. Avatar
    Jesse P.
    5 star rating

    Being a first time sphynx owner is a big leap of faith for anyone, even a normal cat owner. Ana... read more

  • Cola M. Avatar
    Cola M.
    5 star rating

    I got my little happy guy about 2 months ago. Ana is such a good breeder who cares about her... read more

  • Natalia S. Avatar
    Natalia S.
    5 star rating

    I adopted a cream-colored sphynx kitten from Purrxotics. Ana was incredible! She answered all my questions about the adoption process... read more

  • Lynyrd P. Avatar
    Lynyrd P.
    5 star rating

    I've had Stytch for just under a month after picking him up late April. He has a wonderful loving... read more

  • Elizabeth C. Avatar
    Elizabeth C.
    5 star rating

    I would like to start off by saying that I have never bought a pet from a breeder before. This... read more

  • Jolie K. Avatar
    Jolie K.
    5 star rating

    This is going to be a long review, but purchasing a kitten online can be very nerve-racking so I figure... read more

  • Desi M. Avatar
    Desi M.
    5 star rating

    I am happy to have my new sphynx. This moment in time hit me in many ways. How 2020 an... read more

  • Maria D. Avatar
    Maria D.
    5 star rating

    I purchased a female kitten from Purrexotics a year ago. I waited a year to do my review so... read more


Still not convinced?

Greg M. 9/3/2019

Great kitty and great service. Got my kitty about 3 years ago now and she is literally the greatest animal I have ever had.

She is friendly, snuggly, loves new people, is a joy to have in my life everyday.

I don’t know how they bring these kitties up but they are doing something right. Mine let’s me cut her nails and even bathe her with only minimal (if any) whining/meowing (sometimes she even plays in water by herself).

I guess I’m just reviewing my cat here but these guys were the source.

Also, she was available for questions during the adoption process and met me at a convenient location for pickup. Great communication and pictures during the pre-adoption phase. I don’t know what else to say, I’m so happy with my cat I came back to do a review 3 years later.

These are compassionate breeders who love their animals and want to find them good homes. I’m happy.

Steve M. 7/18/2019

We just completed the purchase of a beautiful sphynx kitten, we named Maia. Ana at Purrxotics was extremely professional, kind and helpful. From the quick response from the first text we sent, to completion of the purchase was basically flawless. You see, we don’t live anywhere near California, were in Montana. We have really no options to get a high quality kitten where were at, so we have to rely on the internet. Now, spending this kind of money anywhere, let alone the internet can be daunting and scary, but Ana at Purrxotics gave us no reason to be weary, nervous, or fearful. All the positive reviews we read really gave us peace of mind.

It is very evident that we received a very well balanced kitten. Maia is very social, loving, inquisitive, spunky, healthy, happy and cuddly new addition to our family. In fact, Ana from Purrxotics had started using the named we picked for our new kitten long before she arrived to us, as it was very evident that she knew her name. That might not sound like a big deal, but for us to be able to call her name, and she responds was nice. Our kittens health was of the utmost importance to Ana, as we did have to delay the flight to Montana by one week, as her vet recommended Maia to gain a bit more weight. Sure, we were bummed we had to wait another few days to get our kitten, but we also wanted a healthy and happy kitten. It is very nice to know that Ana isn’t just trying to make a buck by pushing kittens out the door, she really does love and care for the kittens she sells.

Maia was well adjusted to children, we have twin boys age 11, and Maia was not shy around them at all. Like I said, Maia is so very social and loving, it’s amazing. The transition from Ana’s home to our home for our kitten Maia was “purrfect”. Maia explored our home with out any fear, and was comfortable in minutes. I don’t think we have ever gotten a pet that has adapted to our home so fast. Literally, within about 5 minutes, this was Maias house. She was comfortable, happy and not scared or spooked at all. A total reflection on how she was raised.

A quick note to anyone who, like us, have to utilize the internet to find such precious kittens. Don’t be like us and first try to find a “cheaper” source of these amazing kittens. If the price is so low that you “think” you found an amazing deal, you didn’t. A lot of scammers offer ridiculous low prices on animals that you will never see. We first tried one of these sites, only to quickly realize it was a scam. We never lost any money, thank goodness, but they are rather convincing. Do yourself a huge favor, and just realize these amazing kittens cost a lot because there is a lot to their maintenance. If the deal sounds to good to be true, it is. Now with Purrxotics, we received an amazing kitten as stated above. We had no worries about anything, Ana took care of it all. All we had to do was show up and pick up our kitten at the airport. So, if your planning on purchasing a kitten online, do yourself a huge favor and talk to Ana. You will be glad you did, we are.

Margo C. from California

I can’t say enough good about my little guy
Mr Dudley has been with me now since December…
I had a great experience with this breeder… everything went as planned….
Thank you for everything!!​

Jolie K. from California

This is going to be a long review, but purchasing a kitten online can be very nerve-racking so I figure someone will appreciate it.
I fell in love with the sphynx breed 5+ years ago, and I have been wanting a kitten for the longest time. I had done lots of research and spent a lot of time trying to find a cattery that was reliable, trustworthy, and truly cared for their cats. I always ended up suspicious of the breeder or they never had any kittens available, but one night I decided to look on Purrxotics website after coming across them on Facebook. I told myself that I was just looking, but when I looked at the available kittens, one of them stole my heart. He was adorable and the perfect Sphynx kitten I had been looking for. I always hear about online scams, so I emailed Ana and asked for a picture or video and she was happy to send one. I read some reviews and felt in my gut that she was legit, so I sent the deposit. I’m a very anxious person so I asked a lot of questions and was probably slightly annoying, but Ana was always kind and helpful. I was so excited for my baby to come home, it felt like forever, but Ana sent lots of videos and they always made my day. The day finally came to pick my baby up and I can’t believe how perfect he is. Everything went smoothly and I received all of his health records and everything that they say they will give you. He is the sweetest kitten ever and has the best personality. He came home clean, healthy, and he even had a little sweater on. If you want a quality kitten with an amazing personality from someone reliable and really cares about each kitten, definitely go to Purrxotics. They are 100% legit and you will have peace of mind that you will receive a beautiful baby with a great personality.

I would like to start off by saying that I have never bought a pet from a breeder before. This whole process was all very new to me and I honestly can say that I am so happy and blessed that I chose to do it with Ana. I was skeptical of purchasing an expensive kitty at first hundreds of miles away from me without meeting first. I wanted the perfect color, personality, and for the little guy to be perfectly healthy. Ana more than reassured me. Even though I was probably a major pest at times she promptly answered all my questions and concerns. She gave me references, pictures, and explained everything in detail. For me this was a big deal and she made me so at ease and confident about my decision.
Now on to my kitty. I purchased a beautiful multicolored male sphynx which I named Baldwin hehehe… I am so obsessed with him. He is everything Ana said he would be and much more. He is so playful, sweet, and goofy. He sleeps under the covers with me every night. And is affectionate towards everyone especially me his mama. I could not be happier!
I highly recommend Purrxotics. Ana is amazing loves and takes care of her babies. I wouldn’t go with any other cattery.

Natalia S.

I adopted a cream-colored sphynx kitten from Purrxotics. Ana was incredible! She answered all my questions about the adoption process and sent me pictures and videos of the kitten as he grew. She truly loves her kittens – I can tell because our little boy loves human affection. All he wants to do is play and cuddle! I am in love with his personality.

When we met with Ana to adopt the kitten, she gave us the medical paperwork documenting his vaccines and a letter from the vet declaring his good health, plus paperwork about his chip and the health insurance. She gave us suggestions on how to introduce him to our older sphynx, how to bathe him, etc. She seemed to really care about the boy. He was clean, curious and good-tempered when we adopted him.

I highly recommend Purrxotics! My sphynx kitten is active, healthy and smart. Love him so much! In fact, he’s curled up and purring on my lap as I type this review :).

April S.

This was my first time purchasing a cat (any cat) from a breeder and was pretty nervous about the whole experience. Luckily, Ana was incredibly patient with us and our baby girl (Elvira) is absolutely perfect! She arrived safely and is now jumping about our room, asking for snuggles and gobbling up her food. It is obvious how well she has been taken care of and how loved she was, since she is constantly wanting cuddles and pets from us. Ana was very considerate in answering any questions we had and updating us. We consider ourselves very lucky and are very appreciative of Ana and our new baby girl! Thank you!

Lydia B.

I had a great experience through the whole process of the adoption of our little sphynx . Very interactive and easy to connect whenever I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend this cattery. Thanks for our beautiful baby!

Jeese P.

Being a first time sphynx owner is a big leap of faith for anyone, even a normal cat owner. Ana made sure to guide me every step of the way and I couldn’t be more thankful that she raised two beautiful kittens I took home 2 weeks ago. She is a knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy breeder that is way ahead of her league. the kittens, although only being 3 months old, were already litter trained and so loving, you know they came from a place of love.

It can be very difficult to find a breeder you can trust, and an affordable one at that – Ana is just that. Do not go anywhere else if you’re looking for a sphynx cat in California.

Kristal M.

Buying a kitten online can be a little scary. There are always stories out there that you never want to happen to you. I can tell you, you can trust Ana. She is legit, and truly cares about her cats. You will get a file filled with info about your cat, and follow up calls to see how things are going. This is my first Sphynx and Ana described her personality perfectly to me. I got exactly what I was expecting. She is healthy, playful, and a snuggly little soul. Such a joy to have! I would buy another cat from Ana, and highly recommend her.

Tracy K.

I love Purrxotics!!! Ana has the best kittens in the world!!
I bought my 1st Sphynx from Purrxotics in September. He is the best boy ever. Affectionate, playful and loves to cuddle under the covers. He comes when called and always has lots of kisses for everyone. I love him so much that I just bought another Sphynx from Ana. She is beautiful and has the same amazing personality as my 1st one. I would not get a cat anywhere else. She loves them so much and it shows. I stay in touch with Ana and send her pictures and updates. She loves her babies so much, and they are lucky to have her!!

Lynwrd P.

I’ve had Stytch for just under a month after picking him up late April. He has a wonderful loving personality! Pictures do not do any justice to the real life moment when you meet your sphynx kitten. Ana has been very accessible in answering questions and making recommendations while preparing for Stytch’s arrival. The update photos and videos were very much appreciated as you wait and somehow two week updates just never seemed to be enough, as any excited owner will say. Originally made plans to have Stytch shipped to me and was surprised to find out that he would have been accompanied over by a courier and that was comforting. I happened to fly down to pick him up since there was an unfortunate issue with the courier. Even after having him, she has been really helpful with two instances in helping him cope with the stress of moving and his first accident in hurting his leg. I’m very confident in recommending her should you decide to have a sphynx in your life. I’m in agreement with other satisfied owners reviews. I plan on getting another kitten as a companion!

Abby E.

I adopted an Elf kitten from Purrxotics in February 2018. My kitty arrived in perfect health. She is curious, outgoing and loves meeting new people. You can tell Ana is an excellent breeder and gives her kittens the best care. I am so happy with my kitty and highly recommend Purrxotics!

Amy A.

My experience with Ana and Purrxotic was exceptional. She was very informative and responded very quickly to all of my nervous new sphynx mommy questions. It was a wonderful & comfortable experience for us. Now, my husband and I can’t even imagine our lives without Stanley. He was obviously handled with so much love and affection. His personality and love for snuggles proves that without a doubt. If you’re reading this in the hopes of finding a trustworthy, loving and caring breeder that is also extremely professional…look no further than Purrxotic. I’m truly thankful to Ana and her family for our stress free experience and of course our handsome, sweet Stanley

Angela M.

Purrxotics has gone above and beyond to meet my expectations. The process was simple and easy. Ana communicated with me through the entire process and my baby boy has exceeded my expectations. We told her about our family and she matched us with an amazing sphynx who is perfect for us. He’s a complete cuddle bug and so loving. He was fully litter trained and already fixed. Its clear she cares about all of her kittens and he was socialized prior to coming to us. We are thrilled to have him as a part of our family and are even considering a sister for him in the future. I would never go to any other breeder!

Bryan J.

We have been looking for a Sphynx for a long time and we couldn’t be happier that we went with Ana and purrxotics…
We are new Sphynx owners and Ana has helped us through the whole process with timely responses to our many many questions we had and still have…
You can tell she treats her kittens as if they are her own, our kitty is well socialized with kids and other pets and goes to the litter box on his own…
We highly recommend Purrxotics if you are looking for a sphynx, we will go back to her when we are ready for our next sphynx..
Thank you so much Ana for our new family member!!

Chad S.

This experience was AMAZING! Ive now had “Atlas” for 3 months and I could not imagine my life without him! This cattery is out of this world! I was helped the entire time! Shipping, diet and health concerns were all addressed with a text or a phone call. It was so easy at first I thought is was a scam. Needless to say….this is by far the best decision I’ve ever made.

Shirly M.

Hello I wanted to thank for our purchase of the cat we are so pleased and very happy this cat is amazing and we do appreciate how you trained the cat and follow up with us and thank you for answering the questions we had you have been a lot of help and definitely we will recommend you to all cat lovers we appreciate your professionalism again thank you thank you thank you Anna you made our day and our home is full of joy god bless you.

Jennifer D.

I love this breeder. She is so helpful and my Jimmy Choo is AMAZING!!!! He has such a loving temperament and you can just tell how loved he was. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovey little guy. I purchased him with Breeding rights and we just confirmed my Coco’s pregnancy. Ana is a great person and she is super helpful. I couldn’t be happier. I am already in the works of picking out another baby for a June arrival!!!!

Juliana L.

Its been a month since I took my little boy home and every time I look at him, I am constantly reminded of how Ana raised him to be such a loving, well mannered kitten, not to mention very beautiful. I’ve been searching for a sphynx breeder for some time then I met Ana, who guided me through the whole process, and even reassured me of everything that I thought could go wrong purchasing from a breeder (especially when it is online and you don’t get to see the kitten). She was AMAZING. She sent pictures and videos of my little boy growing up, answered any questions or concerns I may have and when it was time to pick him up, she hand delivered him to my door. The process was unbelievable. When I am ready for another cat, I will definitely call her. Thank you again Ana!


Available for Adoption

We strive to be the best! All of our kittens come from Top Imported lines.  With World Champions, Grand Champions, International Champions, and/or Champion backgrounds. Personality and health is our top priority but their quality is our gift to you.

Cream elf boy -1

Gorgeous Elf baby boy is just like the sphynx but with curled ears. He is very active and playful. He is the leader of his brother and sisters.

cream elf boy

Cream elf boy -2

This baby boy is a Elf which is just  like the sphynx but with curled ears. Extremely sweet baby and a complete cuddle bug.