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We strive to be the best! All of our kittens come from Top Imported lines.  With World Champions, Grand Champions, International Champions, and/or Champion backgrounds. Personality and health is our top priority but their quality is our gift to you.

Cream Elf Kitten

Gorgeous Elf baby boy is just like the sphynx but with curled ears. He is very active and playful. He is the leader of his brother and sisters.

cream elf boy

Cream Elf Boy

This baby boy is a Elf which is just  like the sphynx but with curled ears. Extremely sweet baby and a complete cuddle bug.

Client Feedback

Our Clients Testimonials

  •   Ana at Purrxotics raises amazing animals. My kitten became family within 15 minutes of pick up. His temperament is so loving and calm, I was pleasantly surprised. Also the health... read more

    thumb Calvin H.

      Owning a sphynx cat has always been my lifelong dream, and thanks to Purrxotics, it has become a reality. I found Ana, the breeder, on tica.com, and despite my initial... read more

    thumb Dyan M.
  •   Hello fellow kitty enthusiast! I'm excited to share our wonderful story with you. To begin our journey was blessed for 17 years from Mr. B our first Sphynx. He... read more

    thumb Thomas M.

      Extremely happy with the purchase of my sphynx kitten. Ana was prompt and happy to answer all of my questions. My kitten is so curious and friendly. He travels well... read more

    thumb Delia W.
  •   I can't say enough about Purrxotics! Ana is great! We got the perfect baby girl (Winnie)from her!!!! Winnie is the cutest, sweetest, most perfect kitty in the world! She's and... read more

    thumb Melissa D.

      Great kitty and great service. Got my kitty about 3 years ago now and she is literally the greatest animal I have ever had.

    She is friendly, snuggly, loves... read more

    thumb Greg W.
  •   I purchased a female kitten from Purrexotics a year ago. I waited a year to do my review so that I could give an honest review based on my... read more

    thumb Maria D.

      I can't say enough good about my little guy!!
    Mr Dudley has been with me now since December..
    I had a great experience with this breeder... everything went as... read more

    thumb Margo C.
  •   This is going to be a long review, but purchasing a kitten online can be very nerve-racking so I figure someone will appreciate it.
    I fell in love with the... read more

    thumb Jolie K.

      Hello I wanted to thank for our purchase of the cat we are so pleased and very happy this cat is amazing and we do appreciate how you trained the... read more

    thumb Shirley M.
  •   I've had Stytch for just under a month after picking him up late April. He has a wonderful loving personality! Pictures do not do any justice to the... read more

    thumb Lynyrd P.

      Buying a kitten online can be a little scary. There are always stories out there that you never want to happen to you. I can tell you, you can trust... read more

    thumb Kristal M.
  •   This was my first time purchasing a cat (any cat) from a breeder and was pretty nervous about the whole experience. Luckily, Ana was incredibly patient with us and our... read more

    thumb April S.

      Being a first time sphynx owner is a big leap of faith for anyone, even a normal cat owner. Ana made sure to guide me every step of the way... read more

    thumb Jesse P.
  •   I just wanted to update my previous review as the cat I bought from Ana is turning two soon! I still stand by everything I said in my initial review;... read more

    thumb Charity H.

      I would like to start off by saying that I have never bought a pet from a breeder before. This whole process was all very new to me and I... read more

    thumb Elizabeth C.
  •   I adopted a cream-colored sphynx kitten from Purrxotics. Ana was incredible! She answered all my questions about the adoption process and sent me pictures and videos of the kitten as... read more

    thumb Natalia S.

      Very professional and easy to reach for any reason. Was in communication throughout the entire process. Ana was able to address any questions or concerns. We adopted a exotic red... read more

    thumb Blake D.
  •   I love Purrxotics!!! Ana has the best kittens in the world!!
    I bought my 1st Sphynx from Purrxotics in September. He is the best boy ever. Affectionate, playful and... read more

    thumb Tracy K.

      I have now the best bloodlines and difficult to find bambino bloodlines that I am now able to pass onto owners in hawaii. I have had 11 kittens off of... read more

    thumb Breanna D.