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Also known as the werewolf cat or the wolf cat, the Lykoi is a breed of cat known for its striking canine resemblance. This is clear in its wolf-like facial features and is also part of its name. ‘Lykoi’ is an offshoot of the Greek word ‘Lycos‘, which translates to ‘wolf’ in English.

Lykoi Baby Boy - Wolf Cat

The unique look of the Lykoi causes reactions of amazement and excitement whenever people first see them. They are the only cat breed that has the shocking appearance that has become so popular with cat enthusiasts. Most people agree that they look like little wolf cats – hence the name Lykoi is a play off the Greek word Lycos meaning wolf. The lykois are partially hairless. The Lykoi is a very loyal breed and bonds very fast with the family. 
This gorgeous baby boy is extremely loving, playful and full of energy. He is the first one to run up and greet you with cuddles. He also enjoys hanging out on top of your shoulders and playing with your hair. He is a very goofy baby. 
Lykoi Baby Boy Kitten 1D

Lykoi Baby Boy – Wolf Cat – Video

Lykoi Baby Girl - Wolf Cat

Lykoi Baby Girl - Wolf Cat

Precious Lykoi baby girl also known as the wolf cat. This is one of the most rarest and newest breeds. They have a very similar personality compared to the sphynx.  They are very loving, active and playful. They enjoy walking on a leash or playing fetch just like the sphynx. They partially hairless and they molt 2x a year. 
Very stunning and mysterious with her appearance. She keeps you guessing on what she is up to. She is learning how to play and enjoys giving kisses. Lykoi Wolf Kitten Video -2D

Lykoi / Wolf Cats have striking physical attributes, the breed possesses a nearly hairless and distinctively black and silver coat. In other animals, this pattern would be called roan and has never been seen in a cat before. It has been confirmed to be unique to this cat breed. What fur it does have may appear rough and wiry, but is silky soft.

Unlike most other breeds of cats, the Lykoi does not possess much of an undercoat, firmly classifying it as an indoor cat. Sunburn and hypothermia are possible when exposed to outdoor conditions. Regardless of their resemblance to the hairless Sphynx and Devon Rex breeds, there is no relation genetically.

What hair they possess will be shed and grown back at least once, and so severely that many people mistake it for illness. This is actually because every once in a while, the hair follicles (where hair grows out) experience a lack of ability to grow hair. This is entirely natural. 

The concern about sickness might be the reason Lykoi wasn’t discovered as a breed until 2010. Owners, upon discovering so much shedding, would have the cats neutered to prevent spread by reproduction.


The Lykoi breed is a mutation that occurred naturally in short-haired cats and was discovered in 2010 by Patti Thomas. It’s a recessive trait that had to be bred intentionally by veterinarian Johnny Gobble and his wife Brittney Gobble as proof in 2011. 

In the early years of its discovery, it was paired with black domestic cats to build up the population. Since then, many more examples of this mutation have been found in the feral community and added to the growing gene pool to minimize inbreeding all around the world.


Despite its aggressive nickname, the Lykoi is a very friendly, tender, and inquisitive breed. They are known for their friendliness and loyalty to humans, a notable canine trait. This makes them a very popular option among families looking to adopt a cat or two. They bond well with other examples of their species and are usually happy to play with whatever objects are available to them in the room. 

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All these qualities add up to make for a very lovely addition to any family, and you can get one here at the Purrxotics Cattery. We have male and female wolf cats for sale and other cat breeds too that you can apply to adopt.